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Handheld Camera


PIFF films can be about whatever you like.

They can have a serious tone, addressing issues faced by the community e.g. accessibility, stigmas and stereotypes, invisibility.

They can be humorous, like a mockumentary, sit com, prank show.

They can be animations, live action, documentaries, music videos... the list goes on.

Film lengths range between 2-5 minutes long. No longer than 5 minutes.

You have complete artistic freedom and PIFF can help you make them. 

Using super talented film makers from the disability community and volunteer film students from film/media/broadcast programs across the GTA we can help you bring your stories to the big screen.

Already confident in your film making skills? You can submit without having to go through PIFF.

Interested in submitting a film?

Send us a message at and we’ll help you.

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