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PIFF is a collaborative effort. Without the technical skills of volunteer film makers, we wouldn't be able to bring our ideas to the big screen.

The concept behind the films come from the programs but there is always room for suggestions on how to makes these ambitious visions a reality. 

Whether you're a seasoned film maker or an up and coming film student, PIFF has everything to hone in existing skills or challenge you to learn new ones.

PIFF has made an indelible impact on everyone involved and we want to open that opportunity to as many people as we can.

Film makers will support with the filming and editing of the films

If you are interested in being a film making volunteer for PIFF 2023, please send your resume to


But first, don't take our word for it.

Here are some insights from previous film makers...


A Story Wrapped in Warmth

Being a part of PIFF was an opportunity to get involved with the community by doing what I do best. I am forever glad that I had the chance to work with those at Pegasus to create something that will further develop the organization. Not only was it fun, but it was a learning experience and I can say I walked away having learned a lot.


Fancy Tangle

PIFF  is a project that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. As a filmmaker who has worked on many projects. PIFF is one of my favourite projects I worked on.


It was a different type of approach from what I am use to. So there were a couple of challenges that I faced. Which is good as a filmmaker, because I learned a lot.


Pegasus Community Project is a community filled with individuals that are committed, friendly, dedicated, and fun to work with. From planning the films to seeing it on the big screen, was well worth the time and efforts.


I am looking forward to the next PIFF films.


True Colours

I volunteered because it was an opportunity to build my showreel while helping the community. What I didn't expect were the unique challenges and incredible rewards. 


From my first visit your staff and participants were welcoming and supportive. This was much appreciated, as I'm still a new film-maker. The various levels of communication and mobility of my actors meant I had to rethink plans on the fly - great training for any director. I took away from the experience a new degree of confidence in my skills.


I'll never forget the actual night of PIFF. It was my first time seeing my work as a director on the bigscreen, just as it was for most of the actors. It was a magical evening filled with excitement and joy. I'm so glad to have been a part of it.


Thanks so much PIFF! Can't wait for the second one.

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