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Pegasus is a grass roots organization founded in 1994 by a small group of volunteers in response to a need they saw in the community.

As a group of parents and professionals, the founders feared for the future of people who did not have any support or programs after they finished school at age 21, the situation faced by hundreds of young people in 1994. They could foresee the erosion of social skills, academic losses, loneliness, isolation and heightened stress for families.

Most acutely, they feared these young people would lose their connection to community life, a connection that for most people is forged through daily interaction, work, and participation with fellow community members.

They seized the opportunity to create an exciting and progressive organization. Optimism and creativity are predominant themes reducing fear and anxiety for the future that spearheaded the initiative at the start.

It now has four separate program sites, and a Thrift Store which provides participant support and programming. Pegasus offers services Monday through Friday, as well as additional programs that we offer on Saturdays throughout the year.


​You can learn more by clicking here

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